Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Special processing for POLIO PLUS donations in $Cdn cash

    Several Canadian IFMR members have asked for clarification of the procedure required by the Rotary Foundation for handling cash donations to POLIO PLUS in Canadian dollars in order to assure that donors receive proper credit and acknowledgement from the Foundation.  Here is the clarification provided by Clare Monroe, Supervisor, Rotary's $200 Million Challenge, The Rotary Foundation:
   " In the case of cash donations (by Canadians), we would recommend that the Canadian IFMR member to write a check for the cash made payable to the TRF Canada office. When he sends the check in, please have him include the completed donation forms which will allow each donor to receive a Canadian tax receipt." 
    If you need additional information or further clarification, p;lease contact Clare Monroe directly at

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