Saturday, May 14, 2011

The IFMR POLIO PLUS Treks to New Orleans Have Begun

   IFMR members Marc Baker, Otto Rieve, and Elisabeth Saunders reported that they hit the road yesterday morning and ended their first day on the road at Meridian, ID.  They also reported they were bringing over $13,000 in donations for the Rotary POLIO PLUS campaign to END POLIO NOW!

   IFMR members Bob Shriner, Charlie Foote, and Blair Campbell report they are now in Albany, NY, and will depart on their trek to New Orleans tomorrow morning.   Bob says the riders in their "Albany" group, most of whom will be joining the ride as it progresses southward, have also collected about $13,000 for POLIO PLUS so far.

   Stay tuned!  Ride Safe!  And we look forward to seeing everyone in New Orleans on Friday.

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